Wirelessly Transfer Logging Data from a LR5000 Series
Data Logger

The Hioki LR5092 is a data collector for wirelessly collecting data
from the LR5000 Series Data Loggers. Simply dock the Data
Collector onto the data logger to transfer data using infrared,
then upload the data to a PC using USB or SD card. A maximum of
60,000 data x 16 channels can be collected up to 500 times on 2

Model No. (Order Code)

LR5092-20For the LR5000 series

Note: Communication adapter LR5091 or Data collector LR5092-20
is necessary to transfer data from a LR5000 series Logger
to a PC.

Key Features

• Bring the data logger LR5000 series back from the field and transfer data to a PC
• Save data from data loggers in the built-in memory or on an SD card (LR5092-20)
• Send settings from a PC to a data logger
• Use the included software to easily graph and print data
• Use the included software to calculate maximum, minimum, and average values and more between cursors