PV Systems Maintenance Solutions

Photovoltaic Systems Maintenance Solutions

Designed for Ruggedness. Unparalleled Precision and Accuracy.

Engineered to last, Photovoltaic Systems are designed to be sustainable yet efficient. This signifies the importance of having regular inspection of PV Systems and its solar panels – a crucial measure in ensuring optimal production of clean energy and to prevent unnecessary and costly problems in the future.

We are in tireless pursuit of technologies to bring value to our society. As such, Hioki strives to improve the effectiveness, convenience and accuracy of PV Maintenance Solutions in the most cost-effective way possible. We have specially curated a set of instruments to be used in each PV System section.

Instruments for PV System Maintenance

A specially curated set of instruments for your PV Maintenance needs.

Solutions for PV Systems

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Solutions for PV Systems
Earth Tester FT6031-50Digital Multimeter DT4261Insulation Tester for PV Systems IR4053Bypass Diode Tester FT4310AC/DC Clamp Meter CM4370 SeriesPower Analyzer PW3390Digital Multimeter DT4200 SeriesInsulation TesterDigital Phase Detector PD3259-50Voltage Detector 3481Power Quality Analyzer PQ3100, PQ3198Clamp on Power Logger PW3360High Voltage Insulation Tester IR3455Earth Tester FT6031-50

Earth Tester FT6031-50

Measure panel and frame grounding resistance

More on FT6031-50 Earth Tester here

Digital Multimeter DT4261

Measure up to 2000 V DC with P2000 Probe for no-load inspections for solar panels

More on DT4261 Digital Multimeter here

More on P2000 Probe here

Insulation Tester for PV Systems IR4053

Measure insulation resistance of solar panels using dedicated PV function

More on IR4053 Insulation Tester here

Bypass Diode Tester FT4310

Measure open circuit voltage, short-circuit current and bypass route resistors

More on FT4310 Bypass Diode Tester here

AC/DC Clamp Meter CM4370 Series

Measure up to 600 A / 2000 A DC and 1700 V DC, DC Power Testing

More on AC/DC Clamp Meter CM4370 Series here

Power Analyzer PW3390

Measure power data such as power converter efficiency, harmonics, distortion rate, and generated electrical energy

More on Power Analyzer PW3390 here

Digital Multimeter DT4200 Series

Verify and record line voltage, etc.

More on Digital Multimeter DT4200 Series here

Insulation Tester

Measure insulation resistance of MCCB

More on Insulation Testers here

Digital Phase Detector PD3259-50

No-metal-contact phase detector that can also measure 3-phase line voltages

More on Digital Phase Detector PD3259-50 here

Voltage Detector 3481

Verify wire and circuit energization

More on Voltage Detector 3481 here

Power Quality Analyzer PQ3100, PQ3198

Measure and monitor power quality indicators such as harmonics, distortion rate, frequency fluctuations, voltage anomalies, and voltage fluctuations

More on Power Quality Analyzer PQ3100 here

More on Power Quality Analyzer PQ3198 here

Clamp on Power Logger PW3360

Measure and record time-series data such as electrical energy, voltage, current, and power factor

More on Clamp on Power Logger PW3360 here

High Voltage Insulation Tester IR3455

Measure insulation resistance of high-voltage equipment such as transformers

More about High Voltage Insulation Tester IR3455 here

Earth Tester FT6031-50

Verify grounding work and record data

More on Earth Tester FT6031-50 here

Measure Grounding Resistance and Record Data

Test Voltage

Measure Insulation Resistance

Measure Open-Circuit Voltage, Short-Circuit Current, Bypass Route Resistors

Measure AC/DC Current and Voltage, DC Power

Detect Electrical Disturbances, Analyze Power Data

Detect Phase Sequence

Test 5kV Insulation

Measure Power Quality Indicators

Power Quality and Energy Management

Verify Wire and Circuit Energization

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