Logging Multi-point Data Has Never Been So Easy with
a Wireless Data Logger

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Hioki Memory HiLoggers are high-speed data loggers for recording multiple
channels of voltage, temperature, resistance or humidity signals, some
models providing complete isolation between channels and strong noise
resistance. The Hioki LR8510 is a wireless, 15-channel voltage and
temperature input module that utilizes Bluetooth® wireless technology
to send measured data to the Hioki LR8410 Wireless Logging Station.

Model No. (Order Code)

LR8510For the LR8410

The LR8510 alone is not capable of making measurements.
Wireless logging station Model LR8410-20 is necessary
to measure. The main unit and input modules are not
bundled with the Battery Pack Z1007. Thermocouples are
not provided by HIOKI, and must be purchased from a
separate vendor.
*Models LR8512 to LR8515 may only be used in countries
in which they have been certified.
These products emit radio waves. Use of radio waves is
subject to licensing requirements in certain countries.
Use in countries or regions other than those listed
above may constitute a violation of law, exposing the
operator to legal penalties.
For the latest information about countries and regions
where wireless operation is currently supported,
please visit the Hioki website.

Key Features

• This is a input module to capture logging data using Bluetooth® wireless technology. Install logging modules in hard-to-reach locations (over line-of-sight distances of up to 30 meters *1 )
(*1) The presence of obstructions may shorten this range
• Choose an input module based on the parameters you wish to measure (15-channel type)
• Easily add up to 7 input modules wirelessly to keep your environment free of tangled wires (for a total of up to 7 modules for the LR8410 main unit, max. 105 channels when using 15-channel modules)
• 100 msec simultaneous sampling across all channels using rapid scanning method