1ms Sampling Portable Logger Expandable to 120
Channels with Your Choice of Plug-in Input Modules

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Hioki Memory HiLoggers are high-speed data loggers for recording multiple channels of voltage, temperature, resistance or humidity signals, some models providing complete isolation between channels and strong noise resistance. The LR8450 offers 1ms sampling across up to 120 channels, and can be paired with 5 different types of plug-in input units. New input modules measure strain and distortion, ideal for automotive applications involving the evaluation of vehicle components as well as robotic equipment.

Key Features

• Expandable to 120 ch with wired/plug-in units
• Record voltage output from pressure and other sensors with 1ms sampling speed
• Directly connect strain gauge and measure signals in as fast as 1ms intervals
• Significantly reduced effects from noise let you safely measure in high voltage and high frequency areas such as around inverter motors

Model No. (Order Code)

LR8450 Standard model, main unit only
Note) Measurement is not possible with the LR8450 only. One or more plug-in units are required (sold separately).

Gain up to 120 channels of input simply by adding a total of four plug-in units

Sample output from a variety of sensors, including 1 ms pressure sensors

Use model High Speed Voltage Unit U8553

Measures at a sampling rate of up to 1 ms.
1 ms sampling rate is the best match to measure sensor outputs with a frequency response of under 100 Hz, for example pressure and vibration sensors.

Measure strain with a 1 ms sampling rate

Example: strain measurement

Use model Strain Unit U8554

Connect strain gauges directly and measure at a sampling rate of up to 1 ms. Strain gauges tend to have long, thin wires that are easily broken, but that potential pitfall can be avoided by using wireless units so that wire length is minimized.

Measure temperature near an inverter or battery

Example: temperature measurement

Use models: Voltage/Temp unit U8550, Universal Unit U8551

Measures at a sampling rate of up to 10ms