2 July 2019 : Hioki Tree Planting 2019

More than 50 people from all walks of life, joined Hioki Singapore Pte. Ltd. on 16th June 2019 to plant a total of 305 trees in Ban Naka Community Forest, Ratchaburi, Thailand. Among the group includes Hioki distributors from Thailand, Hioki associates from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia, students from Baan Lankha school and villagers from Ban Naka Community forest.

In addition to tree planting, the group had also built and repaired 3 weirs. Weirs are commonly used to prevent flooding, and to measure water discharge. It is also used to serve as a water catchment tool in case of drought season to ensure the forest and community maintain important source of water.

Aside from business growth, Hioki E.E Corporation emphasizes on social and environmental balance by following closely to the company’s corporate philosophies, “Contribution to Society” & “Respect for Humanity”. Hioki Tree Planting 2019 (previously known as Green Point Campaign) is the fifth instalment of the annual initiative by Hioki Singapore Pte. Ltd., to plant trees on behalf of HIOKI users to a tree-planting organization when the customers purchase a qualifying product.

“It is really wonderful and important for Hioki to recreate good environment through activity like this, together with children who bear the future on Earth.” said Mr. Kazutoshi Hosoya, President & CEO, Hioki E.E Corporation. 

“And this time, our Thailand distributors also join us for this activity, I really appreciate that. I am also very glad that many students and villagers representing the local communities are able to join us as well.” Mr Toshihiko Tsuchiya, Managing Director of Hioki Singapore Pte. Ltd. added. 

The group planted a total of 305 trees, consisting of Syzygium cumini, Lagerstroemia speciose and eucalyptus.

About the area – Ban Naka Community Forest

Ban Naka Community forest is located at National forest Yanghak sub-district, Paktho district, Ratchaburi province, with an approximate area of 1,135 acre with high forest & mixed forest vegetation. The community work closely together to protect the forest as it helps to keep the climate stable, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, and they regulate the water supply and improves its quality. The people living around the forests depend on them for fuel, food, medicines and building materials.Ban Naka Community Forest is the winner of the provincial award “People protect forest, the forest love the community” in 2013.

Hioki associates, distributors, students and villagers from local community worked together to repair  3 wiers which are important protect the surrounding environment in case of flood

The team comes together to plant a total 305 trees in Ban Naka community forest

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