Hioki Clamp-On Power Logger PW3360 Bundle Deals!

5% off + Free Heavy Duty Z2050 Magnetic Strap!

To allow our customers to choose the right clamps and options for their applications, from NOW till 31st March 2022, Hioki Singapore will be running the Energy Saving Campaign, in which customers who purchase the PW3360 bundle package will expect the bundle cost to be 5% lower compared to ala carte items! There are 6 bundles to choose from , and customers will be able to choose easily based on their measurement requirements. We have divided into 3 categories, the 500 Kit, 1000 Kit and 5000 Kit. Within each Kit, there are option A (PW3360-20) or option B(PW3360-21), and customers who require harmonics measurement can go for option B.

In addition, we will also be giving a complimentary heavy duty magnetic strap Z5020 to all customers who purchase the bundle set! While stocks last, and this complimentary gift promotion validity is until 31st Dec 2021. 

Terms and Conditions: 

Hioki Singapore Energy Saving Campaign ends on 31st March 2022.

Complimentary Magnetic Strap Z5020 (Heavy Duty) promotion ends on 31st Dec 2021.

This campaign is applicable to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand regions only.  Kindly refer to the following campaign flyer for more details.



Learn How To Verify Energy Savings with Hioki Clamp On Power Logger PW3360!

The video was first broadcast "LIVE" on Hioki Singapore Facebook Page ( on 16 April, Thursday, 2pm. Learn more about the Clamp On Power Logger PW3360 here!

1) 0:04:59 : Introduction to Hioki Clamp On Power Logger PW3360
2) 0:24:18 : Step by step guide to set up PW3360 using Quick Set Function
3) 0:32:00 : How to set energy cost monitoring using PW3360
4) 0:33:47 : How to select Voltage , Current, Cost and Power Consumption on display?
5) 0:36:13 : How to use Hioki SF1001 Power Logger Viewer with PW3360 to analyze data (Power consumption vs Energy Cost vs Temperature data logging results)?
6) 0:38:49 : How to set different energy cost graph for peak and off-peak period?
7) 0:41:25 : How to use Hioki complimentary software GENNECT One with PW3360 and other HIOKI instruments to do data logging?
8) 0:49:50 : How to activate remote monitoring for PW3360 ? You can work from home to control PW3360 and take measurements!
9) 0:56:15 : How to change Energy cost monitoring currency from SGD to MYR?
10) 0:59:44 : Other Questions and Answers