26 July 2019 : Hioki Memory Recorder For Oscilloscope-Like Functionality

Oscilloscope Function 

An oscilloscope is an instrument to display and analyze the instantaneous voltage waveform as a function of time [1]. Figure 1.0 below shows the two most common waveforms shape of voltage response as detected by the oscilloscope. The vertical and horizontal scale displays the instantaneous voltage response to the time of waveform incident. 

Figure 1.0 : The 2 most common waveforms displayed on the oscilloscope screen

Hioki Memory Recorder with oscilloscope-like functionality and much more

Hioki’s Memory Recorders oscilloscope-like functionality is not limited to voltage measurement as found in the conventional oscilloscope.The table below shows the key advantages of Hioki’s Memory Recorders compared to oscilloscopes. 

The following 2 Hioki Memory HiCorder models offer oscilloscope-like functionality and other advantages according to different needs.

Field Measurement – Hioki Memory HiCorder MR8847A

The MR8847A comes with features designed specifically for field measurements as illustrated below.

Other advantages include:

  • Maximum high voltage direct input of 1000V DC and 700V AC without using a differential probe. This application requires U8974 high voltage input module.

  • Up to 64 channels simultaneous recording using the 16 built-in logic input channels and 3 add- on logic input units option. All the channels’ recorded waveforms can be displayed on the same screen.
  • Remote monitoring and data retrieval through the built-in HTTP /FTP server functions
  • Trigger functions for monitoring all measurement channels (level/ window/ voltage drop/ period/ glitch(pulse monitoring)/ event setting/ pattern[ON/OFF logic signal])
  • Post data acquisition anomalies search-and-detect function Advance Features – Hioki Memory HiCorder MR6000

This model offers a high-speed voltage measurement of 200 MS/s using the high-speed analog unit U8976 (max two channels simultaneously). Figure 1.0 shows the advantages of the 200 MS/s rate for detecting abnormality in an example of switching waveforms measurement. 

Figure 2.0 The U8976 high-speed analog unit sampling at 200 MS/s enables any abnormality to be displayed

The 12.1 inch touchscreen enables direct and intuitive user control instead of the conventional scrolling by button. 

The new Hioki Memory HiCorder Concierge function enables easy and fast detection of abnormal waveforms. A reference waveform is used to screen out the low similarity waveform, as illustrated below.

There are also three search functions to automatically search for some of the useful parameters in the waveforms recorded as shown in Figure 3.0

Figure 3.0 Search functions in MR6000 for parameters search

The MR6000 comes with a built-in HTTP/FTP server which enables remote monitoring function via LAN port and direct measurements transfer.

Hioki’s Memory Recorder offers oscilloscope- like functionality and other value-added features for waveform measurements not found in conventional oscilloscopes.

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References: https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/oscilloscope