10 Dec 2019 : Hioki Launches Memory HiLogger LR8450/LR8450-01

330-Channel Portable Logger Delivers 1 Ms Sampling, Even Over Wireless Connections, Available with Your Choice of Plug-In and Wireless Units

December 10, 2019 – Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Memory HiLogger LR8450 and LR8450-01.

The LR8450, LR8450-01 and wired units are scheduled for international release on February 28, 2020, while the Wireless Units  are scheduled for international release on May 27, 2020.

The LR8450 is a portable logger capable of measuring multiple channels of strain*1 and voltage data. The LR8450 (standard model) and LR8450-01 (wireless LAN model) both boast a maximum sampling speed of 1 ms (1/1000 s), the fastest of any Hioki logger. Customers can choose from a selection of measurement units, including the Voltage/Temp Unit and the Strain Unit, according to their application. A single LR8450-01 can host up to 11 plug-in and wireless units to measure as many as 330 channels*2.

Customers in the automotive and environment/alternative energy sectors, both of which Hioki has identified as priority markets, have embraced the legacy Memory HiLogger LR8400 series (max. 10 ms sampling), which can measure a large number of channels despite its compact size, and the popular Wireless Logging Station LR8410 (max. 100 ms sampling), which separates data measurement (by units) and collection (by the instrument).

Common themes appearing in feedback from LR8400 and LR8410 users included a desire to measure large numbers of channels more quickly in development of products such as electric vehicles (EVs), to measure strain on vehicle chassis and batteries along with temperature, and to reduce wiring man-hours and measurement issues by capturing strain data wirelessly.

1. Sample a Large Number of Wired and Wireless Channels at Up to 1 ms
Customers need measurement solutions that are capable of accommodating abrupt changes in load in the development of electric vehicles such as EVs, hybrids (HVs), and plug-in hybrids (PHVs).  By using the High Speed Voltage Unit U8553, a 5-channel plug-in unit that can measure voltage at a sampling rate of 1 ms, customers can capture such rapid changes.

The LR8450 series is ideal for capturing output data from sensors that measure low-frequency (from 10 to several dozens of hertz) data such as resin pressure or vibration, which are difficult to measure at conventional sampling speeds. The Wireless High Speed Voltage Unit LR8533, a 5-channel wireless unit, can measure voltage at a sampling rate of 1 ms. This sampling rate is 100 times faster than the LR8410 Wireless Logging Station.

2. A Single Solution for Dynamic Strain Measurement
The Strain Unit U8554 (a plug-in unit) and the Wireless Strain Unit LR8534 (a wireless unit) are also capable of sampling data at up to 1 ms, making them useful in testing strain on vehicle chassis and brakes.

Strain gauges*3 are extremely thin, and their wires are prone to break when positioning them far from the host instrument. Wireless measurement allows wire lengths to be minimized so that wiring man-hours can be reduced and measurement issues such as wire breaks avoided.  Moreover, conventional products require an external component known as a bridge box in order to measure strain. The LR8450 has a built-in bridge box despite its compact size, allowing strain gauges to be connected directly to its measurement units. Strain gauge-type converters can also be connected to measure quantities such as pressure and acceleration.

3. Add Wired or Wireless Channels as You Need Them

Both the LR8450 (standard model) and the LR8450-01 (wireless LAN model) can accept a mix of up to four plug-in units. Since you can combine units with different sampling speeds, you can simultaneously observe fast voltage fluctuations and slow temperature changes.

The LR8450-01 can also connect to seven wireless units. Combined with its four slots for plug-in units, that means you can pair up to 11 units, allowing one LR8450-01 to measure as many as 330 channels.   You can choose whether to use wireless connectivity for measurements as conditions dictate.

• Testing of automobiles, farm and construction machinery, and electric devices
• Embedding in preventive maintenance systems for production equipment and evaluation equipment at manufacturing plants

Memory HiLogger  LR8450 (standard model)
Memory HiLogger  LR8450-01 (wireless LAN model)
Voltage/Temp Unit U8550 (15 channels, plug-in)
Wireless Voltage/Temp Unit LR8530 (15 channels, wireless)
*Example units shown (a total of five plug-in and five wireless units are available).
*Hioki plans to launch all wireless units in 2020.

*1 Strain: The ratio of the change in the form of elongation and contraction that occurs in an object when a force is applied. The minuscule change in electrical resistance caused by strain is detected and measured using a strain gauge.
*2 If four Voltage/Temp Unit U8552 (30 channels, plug-in) units and seven Wireless Voltage/Temp Unit LR8532 (30 channels, wireless) units are connected, the LR8450-01 can measure 330 channels of voltage and temperature data at a maximum sampling rate of 20 ms.
*3 Strain gauge: A sensor for measuring strain.

Download Catalog: Memory HiLogger LR8450/LR8450-01