High-speed 20MS/s, 16-channel, Fully Isolated Memory
Recorder for On-site Jobs and R&D

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Hioki Memory HiCorders are high-speed waveform monitoring and recording devices that can simultaneously measure multiple physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, vibration, acceleration and rotation due to complete isolation between channels and from each channel to the ground. The MR8847A delivers 20MS/s sampling, 16 isolated channels, and max. 1000V direct input, all housed in a tough and field-ready body to properly respond to the most challenging work sites from transformer substations to railway maintenance yards to paper and steel mills.

Key Features
• Supports a wide variety of measurements with a total of 13 plug-in modules
• Generate and record with a single unit
• Direct 1000 V high voltage input testing
• High-speed sampling up to 20MS/s with fully isolated inputs
• 16 analog + 16 logic channels to 64 logic + 10 analog channels
• High-speed sampling with waveform judgement function
• Soil-resistant construction strong against adverse working environments
• Big buttons coated to withstand industrial oil and residue
• Drop-in paper loading and one-touch setup, along with high-speed 50mm/s printing

Model No. (Order Code)

MR8847-51Max. 16ch, 64MW memory, main unit only
MR8847-52Max. 16ch, 256MW memory, main unit only
MR8847-53Max. 16ch, 512MW memory, main unit only
Note: Main unit MR8847-51/ -52/ -53 cannot operate alone. You must install one or more optional input modules in the unit.
How to use the Hioki MR8847A Memory HiCorder to Generate Signals While Monitoring Waveforms

The Hioki MR8847A is function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, and waveform recorder all in a single device. Easily observe waveforms while changing the signal amplitude or frequency, programming a variety of waveforms to output in the desired order, and adjusting other testing conditions.

An extensive selection of 13 modules accommodates the full range of measurement applications

Hioki has added new high-performance modules in response to overwhelming demand.
The Memory HiCorder now supports a wide variety of measurements with a total of 13 plug-in modules.

■ Inverter / UPS Test
- Operation testing and evaluation during load fluctuation
- Confirmation of UPS switching

■ Power Monitor and Logger
- Identify power fluctuations when power supply is turned ON/OFF and during load fluctuations
- Long-term fluctuations in power

■ Control Simulation
- Generate simulated output of each type of sensor signal
- Fluctuating simulated output for 12 V DC car batteries

■ Vibration / Endurance Tests
- Analyze the relationship between engine control and vibration
- Confirm equipment durabilit

High-speed 20MS/s, 16-channel, Fully Isolated Memory Recorder

The MR8847A performs multichannel measurement with simultaneous, high-speed sampling of all channels at 20 MS/s.(resolution: 50 nsec)
High-speed sampling allows you to measure the rising edge of pulses and detect anomaly operations and instantaneous waveforms that occur suddenly with high precision.
Connections between analog input channels, and between the input channel and the main unit, are isolated by isolation elements. So potential differences can be measured without any concerns, just like with an oscilloscope.

Generate and record in a single unit / ARBITRARY WAVEFORM GENERATOR UNIT U8793

Just one Memory HiCorder gives you a function generator mode, arbitrary waveform generator mode, and waveform measurement mode. This makes it easy to observe waveforms while varying test conditions, such as changing the signal's amplitude and frequency and programming various waveforms to output in order.
The included Waveform Creation Software SF8000 can be used not only to create waveforms, but also to perform calculations such as adding noise and multiplying waveforms quickly and easily.

Directly input high voltage without a differential probe / HIGH VOLTAGE UNIT U8974

Since you can directly input up to 1000 V DC and 700 V AC, a differential probe is no longer necessary.
Maximum rated voltage to ground is 1000 V for CAT III and 600 V for CAT IV environments.

Logic input of up to 64 channels

The MR8847A has 16 built-in logic input channels.
Add 3 logic input units to record a total of 64 channels at once.
You can also display the waveforms for all channels on a single screen—ideal for timing measurements.
Up to 10 channels of analog waveforms can be recorded at the same time for efficiency.

FFT analysis function

The MR8847A can perform one-signal FFT for analyzing frequency components, two-signal FFT for analyzing transfer functions, and octave analysis for acoustics.


Saving data in chronological order allows records to be saved as digital data, rather than paper hardcopies that need to be stored.
Use pen up/down control to record only the required data.
The MR8847A can replaces mechanical pen recorders.

Determine waveform quality

Use the waveform judgment function, which monitors whether a waveform extends beyond the given area, to easily determine the quality of signal waveforms that are normally difficult to judge.
The MR8847A also has a waveform judgment function for FFT analysis waveforms and X-Y waveforms built in.