High-speed 20MS/s 32-channel Fully-isolated Memory
Recorder Provides Simultaneous Data Acquisition
Over 32 Analog + 32 Logic Channels

Exclusive Academic Offer

Hioki Memory HiCorders are high-speed waveform monitoring and recording devices that can simultaneously measure multiple physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, vibration, weight, acceleration and rotation due to complete isolation between channels and from each channel to the ground. More than just a digital oscilloscope, the MR8827 data acquisition (DAQ) recorder accommodates plug-and-play input modules to meet applications such as trial runs after the scheduled maintenance of railway cars to verify for voltage command signals, motor current, car speed, and brake pressure.

Key Features
• Generate and record waveforms with a single unit
• Output previously recorded problematic waveforms and apply to devices under test to simulate potential issues
• 32 analog + 32 logic channels to 28 analog + 64 logic channels
• High-speed sampling up to 20MS/s with fully isolated inputs
• Safe measurement with all isolated analog inputs
• Large capacity memory of total 512M-words
• Measure various system signals from high voltage to ultra low voltage simultaneously

Model No. (Order Code)

MR8827Max. 32ch, 512MW memory, main unit only
Note: Main unit MR8827 cannot operate alone. You must install one or more optional input modules in the unit.
High-speed sampling at up to 20 MS/s and fully isolated input for all channels

The Memory HiCorder MR8827 achieves isolated input between the main unit and channel or between channels, at a maximum sampling speed of 20 MS/s on all channels. (Resolution: 50nsec)
The MR8827 differentiates itself from typical oscilloscopes by providing complete isolation for the input of each channel, and between each channel and the main frame.

Inverter / UPS Testing

Hioki has added new high-performance modules in response to overwhelming demand.
The MR8827A is perfect for the evaluation and start-up testing of inverters and UPS evaluation / start-up tests. Record using both logic channels for control signals) and analog channels to test the primary and secondary voltage or current of a UPS or inverter.

Transformer Interruption Tests

Inter-channel isolation allows for safe circuit connections in high voltage environments

A Memory HiCorder that can record mixed multichannel input

The Memory HiCorder MR8827 can connect a maximum of 16 modules on the rear side.
Modules can be combined to accommodate input from multiple types of circuits.
A maximum of 8 logic probes can be inserted in the main unit.
Use of 2 Logic Unit 8973 will add 8 more connections, supporting 64 channel logic signal input. (This reduces the number of available analog channels to 28.)

High-speed, high-definition printing with an A4-size printer

The Memory HiCorder MR8827 uses an A4-size high-speed thermal printer that generates high-definition output at a speed of 50 mm per second, making it easy to check waveforms in the field.
Just drop rocording paper in to set it up.

Save your important data on devices and media

Input signals after A/D conversion stored in internal memory can be saved on the optional internal SDD,
USB memory, or CF card. (Use only PC Cards sold by HIOKI.)

This next-generation Memory HiCorder can perform a variety of measurement tasks

The Memory HiCorder MR8827 is perfect for recording a combination of analog and logic signals that require multiple channels.
It can be used in a variety of fields, including power, automotive, power electronics, and mechatronics.