1 April 2020 : Commemorating 35th Anniversary of Hioki Battery Tester Series!


Did you know that the history of HIOKI’s battery tester series began with the release of the AC Milliohm HiTester 3225 in 1986?

In 2020, Hioki commemorates its 35th anniversary as a strong leader in the industry. Hioki has seen the battery industry through its most critical stage of growth—the development and maturity of the Lithium-ion battery (LIB). LIB production sites of top battery manufacturers have proactively used HIOKI’s battery testers, starting in Japan, then spreading globally to Korea and China. Today, Hioki is trusted around the globe as the world’s de facto standard of battery testers for production as well as R&D.

The Hioki BT4560 battery impedance tester measures the impedance of lithium-ion batteries using the low-frequency AC-IR measurement method without charging and discharging the battery, substantially reducing the time needed to inspect the internal resistance of battery cells. Click here to find out more: