Easily Record Load Current of 50Hz/60Hz Lines and
Leak Current

Hioki compact 1 or 2-channel data loggers feature a 60,000 data set/channel memory to measure temperature, humidity, voltage or instrumentation signals. The LR5051 logs current over 2 channels in as fast as 1 second intervals.

CAT IV 600 V
CAT III 1000 V

Key Features
• Easily mount the light-weight, pocket-sized loggers in tight spaces
• Easy-to-see dual display
• Transfer data to PC even during recording
• Replace batteries while recording (30 second limit)
• 3 times the memory capacity compared to predecessor (Record 60,000 data per channel)
• Record without missing fluctuations in STAT mode
• Measurement data is preserved even after the battery dies
• Worry-free backup preserves recorded data even if a new measurement is started by mistake

Model No. (Order Code)

LR5051 2ch, clamp sensor is sold separately
Note: The Clamp Logger LR5051 may be affected by high-frequency noise while measuring leak current. Please contact Hioki for more information if you plan to use the instrument in an environment where it would be subject to the effects of high-frequency noise.

Customers using the previous Model 3636-20 Clamp Logger should note that the LR5051 can only record 15,000 points of average data, vs. 32,000 data points available in the 3636-20.
Note: Communication Adapter LR5091 or Data Collector LR5092-20 is necessary to collect data from the LR5000 series Logger and transfer data to a PC.