Prevent unexpected downtime!
Identify potential problems and avoid large problems

Digital Clamp Meter

Key Features
• Wireless support. Transfers measurements to your smartphone or tablet. (Optional Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary)
• Detect minuscule leakage currents with a newly designed sensor. (Core jaw diameter up to φ 40 mm)
• Broad measurement range extending from leakage currents to load currents
• Solve GFCI and RCD problems quickly
• Speed up pass/fail judgments with the built-in comparator function

CAT IV 300 V
Model No. : CM4002

When Z3210 is installed
Connect the Z3210 to add wireless communications Easy visualization of intermittent trip events

Connect the Wireless Adapter Z3210 (sold separately) to add wireless communications.
You can transfer the readings to your phone or tablet and check the location and time of leakage easily and efficiently.

Regular inspections of GFCIs and RCDs [Photo drawing function]

Record measurement locations and measured values together.
Identify trip locations quickly and reliably!

Identifying intermittent trip events [Event recording function]

The meter records event information (times and current values) in its internal memory. Collect data using a tablet and check for trips!

Detect minuscule leakage currents with a newly designed sensor IEC/EN 61557-13 compliant

The core and shielding are constructed from high-permeability magnetic materials.
The CT sensor features a uniform coil.
The CM4002/CM4003 complies with the performance standard set forth in IEC/EN 61557-13, an international standard on leak clamp meters.

High-reliability leakage current measurement

1. Uniform measurement sensitivity inside jaws: When affixed around a wire, sensitivity is uniform regardless of the position of the conductor inside the jaws.

2. Resistance to the effects of external magnetic fields: Shielding made of high-permeability magnetic material blocks magnetic fields from the surrounding environment.

3. Elimination of the effects of highfrequency currents: A low-pass filter eliminates high-frequency capacitive leakage currents from inverters and other equipment.

Measurable conductor diameter up to φ40 mm

The jaws have a maximum diameter of φ40 mm and can be used to pinch thick cables or multiple cables at once.