Detect Latent Failures in High Density Substrates
Without Fail

The FA1817 is a fixtureless, dual-sided, bare board tester that provides superior cost performance and quick inspection yield thanks to advanced probe movement technology. Using a total of four arms, two in front and two in back, it is capable of simultaneously testing both sides of the board, provides open via detection via low resistance testing.

Key Features
• Optimization of probe movement reduces inspection time by up to 20%
• Reduce probe marks in combination with the latest probes
• Fault analysis using newly developed “Process Analyzer”

Model No. (Order Code)

FA1817 Vertical, 2-sided
Installation area: FA1817 can inspect boards (610 × 510 mm) of the same size as the conventional Model 1271, but the installation area for the equipment is even smaller than the conventional Model 1270 (inspection board size is smaller than on the 1271), contributing to space saving measures. In addition, a back door is available as an option, supporting easier maintenance.