About Hioki

Analog Multimeter

In our mission to provide measurement technologies that protect the safety of society, we seek to contribute to the advancement of a brighter and more prosperous future

Hioki's measurement technology is widely used in the maintenance, repair and operation of factories, businesses and infrastructures, contributing to the safety and security of our daily lives. We also support the development of next generation technologies in the automotive and new energy sectors by delivering high quality instruments at a reasonable cost.


Supporting applications ranging from R&D to maintenance and service with four product groups. Hioki offers 4 product groups : automatic test equipment, data recording equipment , electronic measuring instruments, and field measuring instruments. Collectively, these products are used in an extensive range of industries and fields, from research and development to facility and equipment maintenance and service.

Probe Tester

Automatic Test Equipment

Testing of electrical circuit boards and boards with embedded active and passive devices. Quality control testing of electronic circuit boards used in smartphones , computers , and other high-tech products

Data Recording Equipment

Development of electrical devices and monitoring to detect equipment malfunctions. Analysis of electrical signal waveforms to verify that various devices and systems are being controlled properly.
Power Quality Analyzer

Electronic Measuring Instruments

Testing of electronic components and battery, energy conservation, and evaluation of power supply quality. Evaluation of the efficiency of motors and inverters; evaluation of the frequency characteristics of coils and capacitors
Clamp Meter

Field Measuring Instruments

Electrical work and maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment. Measurement of voltage, current, and insulation resistance in order to maintain equipment at sites such as power receiving and distribution facilities