1 October 2018 : Hioki FT3432 Sound Level Meter For Noise Pollution Monitoring

Noise Pollution

Noise is unwanted sound [1] and measured in decibel (dB) unit. Noise pollution
happens when a regular noise at high dB unit is present and is harmful to humans or animals. A few sources of environmental noise pollution are listed in the photo above.

Effects of Noise Pollution

The most profound effect of noise pollution is auditory problems such as temporary or permanent hearing loss and tinnitus [3]. Emotional balance is also affected, leading to high blood pressure, headaches and heart failure.

There’s also economic impact as seen in the lawsuit case of some 5000 residents living around a Tokyo military base; they received USD22 million compensation over the annoyance and blood pressure irregularity suffered due to the noise pollution [4]. Eco-system imbalance also occurs as animals living near the sources of noise pollution that relies heavily on sound for hunting and protection loses their hearing capability as the noises drowned these sounds [5]. Hence it’s vital to monitor areas with potential loud noise generation such as construction sites and high traffic volume areas (cities, airports, train stations) to protect both humans and animals.

Hioki FT3432 for Noise Monitoring

Hioki’s FT3432 Sound Level Meter measures a wide range of sound from 30dB to 137dB and requires no range switching. This meter is highly portable with a compact- size weight of only 105g. Measurement capabilities include:
• Sound level
• Equivalent continuous sound level
• Sound exposure level
• Maximum sound level
• C-weighted peak sound level (*Only when peak range is selected)

There are 2 methods to use Hioki’s FT3432 for noise / sound recording and
monitoring as listed below. Both methods generate csv output files for reporting purpose.

1. Hioki FT3432 with the LR5042 Voltage Logger for scaled output (dB) recording with real-time noise monitoring.

This combo allows the scaled readings (dB) display on the LR5042 for real-time monitoring. The recording starts and stops time are controlled manually or automatically via the scheduled mode (configurable via PC). Output files can be viewed via LR5000 Utility software on PC in following formats:

2. Hioki FT3432 with the CM4372 Clamp Meter for DC output (V) with wireless
data transfer capability

Measured data on FT3432 is transferred wirelessly to smart devices via Bluetooth. The data is viewed via GENNECT Cross app (freeware) or transferred in csv file format for editing in xls.

There are two reporting formats option – csv (editable in xls ) and Hioki Connect Format ( via GENNECT Cross app ). A simple scaling calculation is required to get the readings in dB unit (Please consult our representatives for the details)

Noise pollution needs close monitoring especially with the urbanization of various areas. The above mentioned two methods of using Hioki’s FT3432 Sound Level Meter enables easy recording and reporting of noise pollution.

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