02 March 2018: New! FT3425 Lux Meter with Bluetooth Data Transfer

New!  FT3425 Lux Meter with Bluetooth Data Transfer

We are happy to announce the launch of the new FT3425 Lux Meter. Lux meters are used to measure the brightness of building lights, and the FT3425 is fully equipped with the functions that improve the efficiency of this work, plus an added Bluetooth wireless communication feature.

The FT3425 significantly reduces work time when paired with the free GENNECT Cross smartphone app by streamlining the inspection, data recording and report creation into one single and continuous workflow. GENNECT Cross is compatible to both iOS and Android operating systems.


Main Applications:

  • New building inspection of lighting
  • Periodic inspections of emergency and evacuation lights

What are the challenges to the current method of lux testing?

Many new building inspections are conducted during a very limited time in the evenings, and generally measurements across multiple points must be taken and recorded. Traditionally, inspectors take the printed floor diagram of the facility, and manually write down the lux values while they measure. Afterwards, the values have to be entered into a PC in order to create the required reports. There is no question that the process is laborious, time-intensive, and vulnerable to writing or input mistakes that will require the inspector to revisit the site, costing both time and money.


How does the FT3425 cut work time in half?

The free GENNECT Cross smartphone app lets you download the floor diagram and select a point on the diagram to which measured lux values should be assigned.   Measurement results can also be viewed as a list or populated in a report, vastly decreasing worktime and equally importantly, avoiding mistakes. The ability to send measured lux data to a smart phone and the dedicated app itself is the first of its kind in the industry.


Z5023 Extension Cart

Ease Physical Difficulties with the Z5023 Extension Cart

Many inspectors are required to crouch down to the floor level with the lux meter to make measurements as required by various standards, and the physical burden of crouching and standing multiple times can take a heavy toll. In order to minimize the impact, we offer the Z5023 Extension Cart, the first of its kind in the industry, to customers as an option. The extension cart with built-in casters makes it easy to move the FT3425 from point to point without needing to crouch down to the floor repeatedly, since the Bluetooth function lets you transfer the measured values automatically without needing to pick up the meter to read the display each time.