01 December 2017: HIOKI Green Point Campaign 2017

Together with Penang Inshore Fisherman Welfare Association (PIFWA), HIOKI Singapore planted a total of 332 Mangrove trees in Sungai Acheh, Penang, Malaysia on 1st October 2017 in HIOKI Singapore’s latest activity, Green Point Campaign (グリーンポイン ト・キャンペーン) program. Guided by HIOKI’s corporate philosophy, “Contribution to Society” & “Respect for Humanity”, the Green Point Campaign is the fourth instalment of the annual initiative by HIOKI E.E Corporation, to plant trees on behalf of our HIOKI users to a tree-planting organization when the customers purchase a qualifying product.


About the area

Sungai Acheh, Nibong Tebal The objective for mangrove tree planting program is to raise awareness of the importance and value of mangrove forests to nature and humans as the mangrove forest is a source of livelihood for coastal fishermen. Among the catches of mangrove swamps and the nearby sea are jellyfish, siakap ,mackerel, tiger shrimp ,sembilan, , grouper, sniper, , crab, snail mackerel and many more. Most of these marine life use mangrove forests as the main base of breeding grounds, feeding and living while waiting for time to migrate to the deep sea. As such, tree planting program at the mangrove swamp is vital, as the swamp forest provides a buffer zone, withholding strong waves and strong winds. In addition, this forest delivers a good supply of oxygen to human life. Therefore, with these programs, it can be seen that the involvement and support provided by various communities and fishermen aims to regenerate the fishing industry and is one of the environmental conservation efforts.